Glorious Invocations

"I crush my enemies!"

"I doubt your simple mind is able to comprehend the complexity of the ancient books I am reading. Fear not, though, here is reading material for your niveau."

((whats with that anon telling everyone to sleep with Silencer, jesus))

This is what i made for my girlfriend for Valentine´s day, oh great Invoker!

This is what i made for my girlfriend for Valentine´s day, oh great Invoker!

What shampoo do you use to keep your hair silky smooth?

Its called “The tears of my enemies”.

((thx and here you go <v>))

Can i please order a giant meatball? *he laughs mockingly*

I shall not waste my splendid spells on an underserving bug!

Got any best buds in the land of DotA?

I have allies.

Happy Vday

((shamelessly shipping these two droks. they tried to go for the same target (Invoker forcestaffed and AntiMage blinked) but they were too late (target ported away to safety) and accidently kissed bwaha. At first I wanted to draw something romantic, but then I was like nah.

Invoker: My universe is not complete without you.

Antimage: Your love is the only magic I tolerate.

cheesy lines, Im not good at this. Happy Vday!))

I dont see how this is any of your business. Why someone like you even wants to know what a magus is doing in their private time is beyond me, Nortrom. Dont judge other people for trying to widen their knowledge of spells just because you never managed to successfully master any kind of magic besides casting silence.

((my carl is such a derp, I like to think that when he gets really mad his spheres turn green lel))